Single/Lyric Video: Stranger than Myself – Zustand Null (Dusktone)

Dusktone Records Press Release

The Metal Wanderlust

Dusktone releases fantastic shit. Brilliance on a new level, I say. They know what they stand for, aren’t afraid to take risks, and they always deliver. The label has requested that we share the following press release, and we are all too happy to oblige. Full support!


Dusktone Press Release: “Norwegian dissonant progressive death black metal unit Zustand Null releases a lyric video of the first single “Stranger than Myself”

Debut album“Beyond the limit of sanity”to be released early 2022 via Dusktone and the band will kick off with supporting1349together withFleshmeadowthe 20th of November at Parkteatret / Oslo.

The song explores the strangeness of the mind and the ego, and its evolution over time. Both through the effect of memories (past) and change of personality (always present), and that one can grow into becoming unrecognizable to oneself (future). 
Even so much so…

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