J. Wukotich: Twenty 2021 Favorites

My personal top twenty favorite albums of last year.

The Metal Wanderlust

Before getting started, I’d like to acknowledge how incredibly difficult 2021 was, and that far more than twenty albums helped me through those sometimes impossibly dark days. I enjoy reading year end lists, and I enjoy writing them, but there are so many more amazing albums to celebrate than the average writer is able.

By the end of the year, the sharing of these lists is a blessing, I think. A very non-Metal thing to say, I know, but it’s fucking true. For me, each list is like a little gift… even if I completely disagree with the person’s picks. Sometimes it is beyond joyful to read about how shitty someone else’s taste in music is. Either way, I hope my list entertains you.

20. Pestilent DawnThrone

I stumbled across this band by accident, right around Halloween, at an Imperial Triumphant show in the Detroit area. They played…

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